Sound and Color Therapy

As a sound and colour therapist I help people and animals to dissolve blockages on a physical, emotional and mental level and to find inner harmony. They enter into resonance with themselves and their environment and thus experience oneness with life.

On my sound bed you will find physical, emotional and mental relaxation and well-being and feel yourself in a completely new way. The sound bed is ideal for treating burn-outs, post-traumatic disorders and, in combination with tuning forks, for treating pain.

I studied sound and colour therapy with Fabien Maman at Tama-Do Academy. I apply sound techniques based on Chinese medicine with tuning forks combined with coloured light on the acupuncture points to release stress, tension and pain and to promote the healing process. Acoustic sounds, tuning forks, chime bars and pure colors are effective means to dissolve negative energy patterns and bring about healing and harmony.

On a physical level, the treatments support the body in its unique ability to heal itself.  On an emotional and mental level, stress and anxiety can be reduced. On a subtle level, the therapy creates a state of deep peace and a sense of oneness in resonance with the universe.